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Did you know that the work team is one of the most important parts for a company to work?

The Team Building activity we offer you goes beyond fun and laughter, we seek to work on certain aspects that are important in every work group through games and very fun activities.

We call these aspects the 5 “C’s” of teamwork.

Communication, coordination, cooperation, trust and commitment.

The TEAM BUILDING session is structured in a small part of activities developed in the room, where the self-knowledge and knowledge of the team members is worked on and the other large part of the activities outside. You can also enjoy a Coffee Break to gain strength.

Possibility to adapt the session to the needs of the company.

We are in a sports complex of around 45,000m2, surrounded by fields and nature, next to the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, in the town of Sant Pere Pescador.
We have other services such as a picnic area equipped for lunches/dinners with indoor or outdoor space, barbecues, soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, changing rooms and showers, among others.

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